Build Customer Loyalty | Incentive Marketing

You may have the best product, effective dealers and a great sales staff, but for some reason, you just aren’t getting the attention that you feel your product deserves.

You need to get the channel focused on your products, and Giles can help you get everyone motivated.

We’ve added an exciting new range of services to address your growing needs in the incentive marketing arena—including, Sales Incentive Programs for direct sales forces and dealer/distributors, Customer Loyalty Programs, Training Reward Programs, Lead Generation Programs, Employee Recognition Programs, Mentoring Programs and Service Award Programs, to name just a few.

Our goal is simple: to drive increased sales of your products through a comprehensive incentive marketing program.

Sales incentive and marketing programs that offer the most impact enhance every layer of potential influence: your field staff, the dealer store manager (or owner in smaller stores) and the sales associate. This encourages cooperation among these groups and a common goal of moving your product through the entire chain of influence.  And the beauty of these programs is that you only award success so costs have a direct correlation with sales.

In building this marketing expertise, Giles works in partnership with New Jersey-based INmarketing Group, comprised of a team of experienced incentive professionals who have had great success building online incentive programs for major corporations.

In addition, our awards catalog features over 4,000 brand named products and travel packages. The awards vary from consumer electronics to sporting goods to jewelry to housewares. The online catalog can be modified to focus on specific award values or include additional products like imprinted merchandise, gift certificates and debit cards.

Clients can benefit greatly from a national sales incentive program to reward those who focus on your products—an important element in successful selling, and in your overall program success.

A Giles customized program would create a web platform and base structure that will have the ability to execute on a variety of incentive initiatives in any combination of product categories, in a format that has the flexibility to allow participants simple formats to claim sales and earn in the program.

The time has come for everyone in your selling process to put his or her selling shoes on and become highly motivated around your brand. Incentive marketing is a surefire way to do it.

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