Your Customer Engagement Toolkit

When most firms take on a client's business, they approach it in a one-dimensional manner, similar to the way in which a carpenter solves every problem with a hammer. At Giles, we take a far more integrated approach and remain media agnostic during the planning stage.

First, we listen closely to what you want to achieve. We ask a lot of questions to refine our collective thinking. Then, we create a custom suite of services that will help you succeed. Finally, we benchmark our progress against the desired outcome to ensure that we deliver a result that exceeds your expectations.

Powerful Tools for Every Marketing Challenge

Public Relations

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Giles has created and executed hundreds of successful PR campaigns for a wide range of clients--from promising entrepren-eurial startups to the biggest brands on the planet. How can we build your success?

Social Media Marketing

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From Facebook, Twitter and YouTube strategies to blogging initiatives, Giles can get your message in front of your key audiences and drive them back to your website.

Web Site Design

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Anybody can build a website these days. Giles can build you an immersive Web experience that effectively conveys your message and unique selling proposition in an intuitive and compelling way.

InBound Marketing

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Consumers are searching for your products and services online. Giles Inbound Marketing gets your business found on the Internet, converting prospects into leads and paying customers.

Corporate Identity

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You want to stand out from the crowd and show your prospects why you're refreshingly different from all the rest. Giles can get to the essence of your brand and to make your customers see you in a whole new light.

App Development

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Cell phones are the most personal way to interact with consumers. From iPhone and Android apps, to advanced content management applications for Web businesses, Giles can take your online marketing to new heights.


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From print ads that flow across the page to Google AdWords campaigns that drive meaningful traffic to your site, Giles will deliver great ROI for your ad budget.

Incentive Marketing

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Need to motivate your sales force, or build strong channel partner loyalty? We can build you a powerful incentive marketing campaign that builds loyalty to you, and focuses on your goals.