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Foursquare, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube. Social Media has forever changed the way in which we communicate, influence people, and buy and sell products.

Moreover, it has shifted the power of influence to consumers, who now can have a significant impact on your brand’s reputation online—good and bad—with a simple blog post. Increasingly, your brand is an amalgam of everything your customers say across the blogosphere.

All the more reason why companies need to monitor and manage their good name online. We can help you do this, by engaging your target audience in a meaningful, two-way dialogue to build strong customer relationships.

Giles Communications can get you connected with your audience online through blogs, videos, signup widgets, RSS feeds and much more. We can create a cohesive, multi-channel strategy for you that effectively ties everything together, tells your story and builds your online reputation.

As a result, you will know where your customers are spending time online, how they behave online, what motivates them, what influences them and how to most effectively target them online.

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